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Prevent your house from germs and virus + other harmful substances!

Viruses are common and they spread through coughing, sneezing, or touching an infected person. However even if we are not engaged with the infected person directly, as these viruses are heavier than air, they eventually sink to the bottom of the ground and our floors when it is released. If you are not wearing indoor slippers at your home or at work, you are risking your chances of getting these viruses, bacteria, germs, and harmful matters to your feet, which can lead you to severe illnesses and injuries.

Why Cozy House?

Cozy House has created a slipper to prevent viruses and harmful matters to your feet, and to make them the most comfortable, breathable, and clean slippers you will forever wear. Designed and produced in South Korea, our slippers feature modern technology advancements such as noise reduction, non-slip & water-resistant sole padding, and flexible deodorizing cushion.

Our slippers are 100% washable cotton material which are durable to keep your feet warm, clean, and protected at your home or offices.  

Product Size & Dimensions:
One-size & Unisex: fits U.S. Men Sizes 4-11.
W: 4.5 inches H: 10.7 inches D: 3.25 inches 

100% Cotton, Non-slip Technology, Noise Reduction, Dri-fit, Floor Virus & Contamination Prevention